• Role of Education in Reducing Poverty:

  • Poverty is one of the most serious issues of India. Which is fastest growing day by day because of the bad economic conditions in India. Poverty refers the lack of resources, lack of personal needs food, clothes, shelter and etc. people of any state who have no money to fulfill their needs they suffer from poverty. Many times too many populations and living conditions also become the cause of poverty. Many causes which become the reason of poverty in the state are lack of education, lack of resource, high rate of divorce, bad conditions of weather and environment (flood, drought, rainfall), Diseases (malaria, Dengue, AIDS) and etc.


    Education and Poverty:


    Education is the knowledge which helps to understand the world around us. An education helps the individual to debate for his or her right. The role of education in reducing poverty is very important. Education helps in boost the economy and growth of the country. When the growth and economy boost poverty will automatically reduce. Purpose of education to aware the people about surroundings. Advantages of education system in India are long lasting for those students who wish to apply in the top listed institute of the country.


    Women Empowerment:


    50% population of the world is based on women. Most of the societies treated with women as a burden in society. But education aware the women about their rights that what are the basic rights of women in society. Education helps to provide equal food, nutrition participation in social work. Women empowerment and education both can strengthen the society and reduce the poverty. Government and all the social organization of the country must take some steps for the awareness of women education in India. Because only educated women with great earning can support her family.

    Illiteracy Problem:


    Illiteracy is the major problem of every country. Countries which have low literacy rate they suffer from poverty. Most of the illiterate people who live in rural areas it hard for them to get employment. Education help to find good jobs. So people who suffer from lack of education in rural areas government must take some steps to establish the educational institutes.


    Increase Employment:

    To control the unemployment special measure must be taken. Industries in rural areas which deprived of unemployment government must plan some strategies to solve this problem. If equal employment is provided in each sector, then the system of agriculture automatically increased and poverty will reduce. The socio-economic changes matter a lot to secure the long-term growth of the economy. Agriculture is the basic key to success which opens the new door.